You’re Paying Too Much for Fancy Clothes!

If you've been following this blog, chances are you are now living luxuriously on a budget. We want to help you some more by not only making you live good, but by also making you look good. In this blog, we will reveal to you how you can dress to impress while keeping your bank... Continue Reading →

The Top 10 Travel Hackers You Have to Learn From

Although we at The Luxury Hacker often blog about travel hacks you can use to maximize your travels, there are other travel hackers out there you can learn from as well! Here are our top 10 picks for the best travel hackers around the world today: 10. View from the Wing If you want to... Continue Reading →

Earn 20% Returns with Lending Loop!

There are so many good options when it comes to investing, and now you have one more. As luxury hackers, you’re familiar with the stock market and you’ve heard of robo-advisors, but how does supporting good old Canadian entrepreneurs by lending some of your money sound?

Top 3 Apps for the BEST DEALS on Flights

For many of us, getting from point A to point B starts with a smartphone. Whether you’re browsing vacation destinations on the toilet or looking at the best departure and arrival times on your next business trip, your mobile device (iPhone or Android) has all the answers you’d need. If you share the same conundrum... Continue Reading →

Find Out How to Maximize Your Travels with Credit Cards

Congratulations! You’ve landed on the single most important article to help you maximize your travels. Whether you’re a student shopping for the right credit card, weekend traveler, or credit card connoisseur, this article will transform your perspective on the world of credit cards in Canada.

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