Introducing Drop – The Free and Lazy Way to Earn Rewards


If your debit and credit cards are not linked to Drop right now, you’re missing out on some free and easy luxury, man.

How often do you go to Timmy’s? AKA how often are you NOT working towards a reward with Drop right now?

What in the world is Drop?

Drop is a Canadian rewards app that turns your everyday debit and credit purchases into points that can be redeemed into gift cards for retailers. It currently has over 300,000 users in Canada and the States.

As Drop learns more about your spending habits and purchases, it offers special rewards and deals that are tailored just for you. What it ultimately provides for us luxury hackers is a consolidated program that brings the hottest loyalty deals into one ecosystem.

Drop interface on iOS

You’re likely going to make 75% of your purchases with a card over cash – why not get something cool out of it too?

When you make a purchase with your Drop-linked card, the points you earn will also be on top of the potential cash-back/points you’ll get from your credit card! If you use your Scotiabank SCENE Credit Card, you’ll be working towards both your SCENE Points and your next Drop reward.

It’s also one of the only ways where you can earn rewards by using your debit card.

A snippet of potential rewards you can redeem with Drop. They can range from $2 – $50 in value for retailers like Apple, MEC, and Best Buy.

Steps and support

The process is simple to start earning:

  1. Sign up and link a debit/credit card so Drop can start tracking your purchases. Drop uses the same encryption as your bank to protect your information.
  2. Choose five retailers that you frequently shop with as your ongoing offers – you’ll earn extra points by using your card to purchase from them. With ongoing offers, you can get 2-5 points per dollar you spend.
  3. Begin spending and redeeming your rewards on the app! 1000 points equal to $1, and you can expect to earn enough points to redeem a reward once a month.
Drop interface on iOS
My five ongoing offers. Others you can choose from include H&M, Chipotle, Foot Locker, Cineplex, Wal-Mart, and more.

Additionally, there are also one-time active offers that allow you to earn some bonus points. For example, you can get a 200-point bonus for spending any amount at Tim Hortons, and 10,000 points for trying out food delivery services like DoorDash and SkipTheDishes. Just make sure you pay with your linked card!

For customer support, Drop utilizes a chat bot for you to type your questions and immediately receive a response. In this case, I asked if I could change my active offers… unfortunately no (for now).

Sadness. I was questioning my choice with the LCBO.

Of course, no app these days is complete without a referral program. For Drop, you get a $5 bonus when a friend signs up with your invite code, and they get a cute little $1 bonus for registering as well. Mine is 5k54c if you’re looking to check it out!

Let’s Go!

What are you waiting for? This might be the laziest and easiest way to live large and earn some free rewards. Let’s get this luxury with Drop.

If Drop isn’t enough for you, check out how you can let your money sit and earn even more cash for you with Canada’s top three savings accounts.

Alec is a broke boy and luxury hacker who spends too much time on Twitter.


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