How to Save $65 Every Time You Airbnb

Your search for Airbnb coupons ends here. As an Airbnb user (new or existing), you will love taking advantage of Airbnb’s referral system.

For new Airbnb users, use this LINK to register an account and save $45 on your next booking. By using my Airbnb referral link above, the travel credit will be automatically applied to your next reservation. After you have created your first Airbnb account, continue reading the rest of this article!

For existing Airbnb users, the hack is simple and effective. By creating your very own “referral loop”. Here’s how it works:

  1. Retrieve your own referral link on the Account page of your Airbnb master account (your first account)
  2. Sign up a new email address for a single trip booking. Would highly recommend using Gmail due to simple signup process
  3. Open Incognito/Private browser and paste in your referral link retrieved in Step 1
  4. Register for new Airbnb account using the newly created Email, although the personal identity verification can take up to 5 minutes to complete, it is totally worth the savings. Verification Caution: Airbnb requires mobile registration verification if using the same mobile phone number for various Airbnb account, alternate between Text to verify and Call to verify for new account registrations
  5. Once your new Airbnb account is set up, book your next trip to anywhere while saving $45 immediately and receive a referral travel credit of $20 on your master Airbnb account. The Master account acts as a revolver, collecting all referral travel credits accumulated through each new account registered through your referral link in Step 1
  6. Do this again to save another $65!

How to get there faster?


To earn referral travel credits quicker, you can send your link to friends, family, colleagues through different social media networks or email. When your referral link is used, the person who registers and books a trip will automatically save $45 on the booking while you receive $20 referral credit posted to your master account.

Some things to keep in mind!

When redeeming travel credits, a reservation needs to have a total value of $95 CAD or more, this excludes guest fees and taxes. Hence, if travel credits aren’t automatically applied, it simply means the reservation does not qualify. Travel credits cannot apply to trips that have been paid for, but it will be automatically applied to the next booking. Travel credits are also non-reusable, non-transferable, and non-refundable – so be sure you’re committed to the booking before submitting.




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