Top 3 Apps for the BEST DEALS on Flights

For many of us, getting from point A to point B starts with a smartphone. Whether you’re browsing vacation destinations on the toilet or looking at the best departure and arrival times on your next business trip, your mobile device (iPhone or Android) has all the answers you’d need. If you share the same conundrum as us – having to check over 50+ websites before booking a flight due to FOMO, we’ve got a solution for you.

Here are the 3 most essential flight booking mobile applications you’ll need to book the cheapest flights guaranteed.

#1: Hopper

What’s to love? Your wallet will be a big fan of Hopper. With call-outs on ways to save money by automatically optimizing for the cheapest flights based on your search. Hopper will find the cheapest flights by adjusting departure and arrival times. Hopper will also brief you on the fees associated with a particular booking (baggage fees, change fees, and extra charges). Above all, Hopper will allow you to create mobile notifications on flights that you’d like to watch, similar to stock prices, if Hopper detects a drop in your watched flight, Hopper will let you know through a mobile notification.

Who’s this for? For travellers who like to plan ahead and are keen on finding the cheapest airfare.

Where’s the treasure? For iPhone users (Hopper for IOS), for Android users (Hopper for Android)


#2: Kayak

What’s to love? You’ll be able to compare all major airfare search engines through Kayak. Allows you to visualize search results based on price and duration. Kayak will also directly link you to the corresponding deal site for purchasing.

Who’s this for? Business travellers who care about adhering to an expense budget, but also know the trip will include all the in-seat extras you need. Kayak simplified the enhancements to help travellers easily recognize when it’s worth the extra $ for a costlier ticket that comes with fewer layovers.

Where’s the treasure? For iPhone users (Kayak for IOS), for Android users (Kayak for Android)


#3: Get The Flight Out (GTFO)

What’s to love? The name. GTFO is a free agent, finding you a ticket to anywhere right now. If I wanted to, I could finish this post and head to New York City for $139 round trip. GTFO is simple to use and no frills. The application delivers a simple look at everywhere you can go immediately from a selected airport.

Who’s this for? Spontaneous travellers – anyone desperate for a gateway. Great for break-ups and anyone who’s just quit their job and wants to get away from it all for a while.

Where’s the treasure? For iPhone users (GTFO for IOS), for Android users (GTFO for Android)


So what are you waiting for? Get one of these apps and book your next adventure!


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