You’re Paying Too Much for Fancy Clothes!

If you’ve been following this blog, chances are you are now living luxuriously on a budget. We want to help you some more by not only making you live good, but by also making you look good. In this blog, we will reveal to you how you can dress to impress while keeping your bank account happy. So get ready, because it’s HIGH FASHION TIME!


Fashion is the name of the game and there are a lot of different services out there to “SUIT” your needs. We are going to be looking at our top picks for both men and women.

For those casual days:


1. The Mr. Collection and The Ms. Collection

Fashion can be rather difficult for us guys and we often forget that we should refresh our wardrobe once in a while. On the other hand, you might be a fasionista and rotation is the key to always looking amazing. Introducing The Mr. Collection and The Ms. Collection

Here is how it works:

mr. collection

With the Mr. and Ms. Collection, you can rent out clothes of your choosing and if you don’t know what to choose, let one of their style teams hand pick clothes based on your preference. Some packages you receive may even come with items you may not have picked out yourself, to truly help you advance your style. Upgrade you style for only $49/ month!

For those important moments:

2. The Black Tux

For the guys out there, this one is for those occasions that matter the most. Got a special someone you want to impress? An important wedding you can’t look shabby in? We’ve all been there. The Black Tux lets you rent out $1000 suits from only $95!

Here is how it works:

3. Rent the Runway

This one is legendary, to say the least. Ladies, imagine wearing that designer dress you were only $3000 shy of. Rent the Runway lets you rent out beautiful designer wear for around $100 each. Wear them for a week at a time, or get them for longer. They even have casual wear to suit any fashion needs that you have!

Here is how it works:

Now that you have the clothes that make you feel fine, fun, and sexy, there is nothing holding you back from your next luxury experience!

Check out Top 3 Apps for Searching Flights to help you find and plan your next luxury adventure in your new beautiful outfits!


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