The Top 10 Travel Hackers You Have to Learn From


Although we at The Luxury Hacker often blog about travel hacks you can use to maximize your travels, there are other travel hackers out there you can learn from as well! Here are our top 10 picks for the best travel hackers around the world today:

10. View from the Wing

View from the wing.PNG

If you want to learn about ins and outs of travel hacking, View from the Wing is the place to go! Unlike a lot of travel blogs that push loyalty programs onto its readers, View from the wing gives you an in-depth look into the programs and airlines that you are considering. That being said, this blog is great for a deeper understanding of what travel hacking is and gives you ideas for how to be a travel hacker yourself!

9. Fluent in 3 Months with Benny the Irish Polyglot

Benny Lewis.jpg

An essential for those who want to learn a country’s language quickly before traveling there. Benny Lewis’ blog isn’t necessarily about travel, although he and his team does talk about their adventures. Rather, their blog is about how to truly maximize your travel experience by becoming fluent in a language within three months. This, in our opinion, is a powerful travel hack and is why Benny is on our Top 10 list.

8. TripHackr


Everyone has their own travel style and there is nothing wrong with that. Clint has more than one travel style. Ten years ago when he started backpacking around Europe, independent travel was simply about flexibility and the option to go to any destination he wanted on a whim. Over the years, he still travels independently but it isn’t his preferred method of travel. Clint enjoys sharing travel experiences with friends and family. Clint plan trips for others and encourage them to join him on his adventures. It is a lot more fun than simply coming home and telling stories when you can share them.

7. Travis Sherry: Extra Pack of Peanuts


Travis Sherry is one of the world’s foremost experts on frequent flyer miles and cheap travel tips. He runs the wildly successful website Extra Pack of Peanuts, which has been featured in USA Today and Kiplingers, as well as many other national media outlets. He is also the host of one of the top-rated travel podcasts on iTunes, The Extra Pack of Peanuts. His goal in life is to help others get off the couch and experience the world around them, and so now he is out to help EVERYONE learn how to Travel More while Spending Less.

6. One Mile At a Time

one mile at a time

When he was 14, Ben Schlappig (affectionately known as Lucky) learned about reward miles and spent his entire summer flying back and forth between the US and Germany. Becoming a top-tier airline elite at such a young age, Lucky now travels 400,000 miles a year, with most of it being Business and International First Class! He’s got your back for the best airport lounges, credit cards, and airlines.

5. Million Mile Secret

Million Mile.jpg

Though Emily Jablon and Daraius Dubash aren’t together anymore, this ex-wife and husband duo continues to share secrets that make Big Travel with Small Money possible for beginners. Their impressive list of accolades include educating 40,000 readers daily, joining the Million Mile Club, and flying International First Class (that’s $20,000 per ticket) many times for free! With Million Mile Secret, you’ve found the premier experts on secret travel tricks for airlines, hotels, loyalty points, and rental car companies.

4. Kendrick Uy: Travel and Live Free

Kendrick Uy.jpg

A world traveler based in Vancouver, Kendrick’s travel hacks have taken him to Egypt, Liechtenstein, Indonesia, and over 40 other countries! Ranging from credit cards, accommodations, rewards programs, and traveling, Kendrick’s tips emphasize spending your time and efforts wisely to unlock luxury hacks and experience a life of freedom. His loyal base of readers love him for being “to the point” and cutting out the BS – he’s the guy to consult for great, factual advice.

3. Chris Guillebeau: The Art of Nonconformity


For those who want to learn from the best about how to take control of your life and the tips and tricks to traveling, Chris is the man for you. Having traveled to every country in the world by age 35, Chris Guillebeau is one of the most experienced people in the world when it comes to both life and travel hacking. Now a New York Times best selling author, he makes the most of what he has and inspires us all by what he has achieved. He has written many resources over the years, and turned his blog “The Art of Nonconformity” into a book! If you want to learn, Chris is the man for you.

2. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

After college, Matt Kepnes spent his time sitting in a cubicle at his $35,000-a-year administrative job at a hospital Boston. It was supposed to be a temporary gig, but more than two years later “I was still there,” Kepnes tells CNBC. He was also in the midst of getting his MBA. But a trip to Thailand changed all that. Now he runs one of the best travel blogs today, Nomadic Matt. He also runs an online blogging school called Superstar Blogging where he offers online courses in blogging and also hosts other courses, including a course on photography taught by travel photographer Laurence Norah.

1. The Points Guy

Points guy

Brian Kelly has made a career out of flying first class around the world, subsidizing his trips with a seemingly endless supply of credit-card points and airline miles. On his Web site,, he advises his readers on how to do the same. Attracting around four million readers a month, he reviews first-class cabins and V.I.P. lounges, and breaks news about credit-card offers with enticing sign-up bonuses and rewards. Despite airlines’ reputation for uncouth treatment of passengers — dragging them off oversold planesthreatening jail time, forcing them to squeeze into skinny seats like chickens into a coop—Kelly insists that we’re actually in a “golden age” of travel.


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